Compost Bin Plans – Helping Your Garden to Grow

Compost Bin Plans - Helping Your Garden to Grow

If you would like a healthy garden, then it is a great idea to add compost to your soil. Compost adds rich nourishment to your dirt that will help your plants to grow strong and healthy.

Compost bins are designed for you to use to throw away bio-degradable kitchen leftovers and yard waste such as fresh cut grass. When placed inside the bin, these kinds of materials will undergo a natural decomposing process resulting in nutrient rich material which can be used as fertilizer for your garden or flowerbed.

Compost bins should be properly aerated and placed somewhere that is generally warm. You want your compost bin to stay moist so that the composting process can continue on with out disruption. If your bin dries out or gets too cold, it’ll more often than not stop composting completely, which can lead to a lot of frustration if you do not have much experience with composting.

A lot of people make the blunder of putting the wrong things into their compost bins. Here is a list of items that you can place in your compost bin: dead dry leaves, yard clippings, garden plant clippings, shredded pieces of paper, paper towels, shredded cardboard, and manure from only animals that are herbivores. Here is a list of things that shouldn’t be placed in your bin: any kind of plant which has been sprayed with pesticides or any other harsh chemicals, nut shells, moss, pine cones, pine needles, saw dust, dirt, weeds, wood ashes, wood chips, meat, dairy products, animal bones, charcoal, manure from meat-eating animals, waste materials from cooked foods, any kind of fish or seafood products.

By building a compost bin with compost bin plans you will be creating an affordable means of fertilizing your plants for a long time. Well fertilized plants and less waste equates to a happy planet.

Want to find out where you can get your hands on a great set of compost bin plans? Then click here to go to my website and learn about a vast array of woodworking projects, including compost bin plans.


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